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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Soft and Hard...........

Ok by now you know the deal. I set this one up by getting a few things together before hand. i went and pick up a soft makeup brush from wallgreens, some KY warming oil, hand cuffs, blind fold along with putting together a cool play list on the Ipod.

Now after the kids where asleep and she was in the shower I set the mood. Straightened out the bed heated up the Ky is a bowl, turned down the lights, and started the music. Plus adjust the temp I wanted it a little chilly.

When she came out of the shower I ambushed her at the door and presented her with the blindfold. Now after she couldn't see I removed her robe and left her standing there naked. Then I led her to the bed where I had her lay back on the bed. I placed her arms at her side and proceeded to slowly paint imaginary pictures all over her body with the make up brush. Around her nipples on her neck, around her clit and up and down her lips now when this became to much I took the handcuff and cuffed her hands above her head and went back to work.

After a couple more minutes of this i dipped the brush into ky warming oil and started over lightly blowing on the places were I applied it, now you can keep both of these up for as long as you want but depending on the person this can be very arousing as well as ticklish.

So eventually after she was squirming real well I flipped her over, had her stand up, bend over the bed, and cuffed her hands behind her back. Then whipped out my brush and oil again. Putting oil all over her butt, inner thighs, small and center of her back and neck.

Now once again you can keep this up until they can't take it any more. Another variation could be candle wax mixed in with the oil to make things last longer.

The hard part comes in when she bent over, LOL, strap up for HER PLEASURE grab the cuffs and ....................................................

Well you get the picture once again as usual post a comment and if you have any suggesting let me know.