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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

35 years young.

Well its official I'm 35 years old today, while I don't feel any older its is one of those bench mark ages. LOL. I keep telling my girlfriend I'm half way to 70 lol now she is just slightly younger than me so she has been playing along with the old jokes. I'm happy at 35, no mid life crisis, sure my life isn't were i wish it was but if there were no expectations for greater things what would be the point in living. (Another thing I've learned from my baby) Now when I say my life not where i want it to be I mean that there are some bills I wish i had payed on and some obligations that if I would have taken care of them sooner would be non existent issues. As far as being happy though I'm very happy I have a home, a job, a paid off car, a beautiful woman (faithful) woman, and two teenage children who don't drive me crazy. Sure I go to work every day, go to the gym to get the body looking better, argue with the kids about shit they will understand one day(lol), and live a regular life. But isn't that how its supposed to be? All in all I'm 35 with a bright future and a plan to enjoy every moment along the way. So think you GOD for letting me see 35 and thank you for the people you placed in my life along the way.