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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My own army LOL

Well thats at least how I feel, lol. Let me explain my girlfriend who is a inspiration as well the love of my life, has always had this notion to give back to show thanks for all the bleesings in our life. Now originally we had planned to foster a child (after much nudging from her, lol, see how she makes me better) but before that could ever come to fruition we were given the option to help out two of her teenage brothers who had recenlty became homeless. So now I have 4 teenage high school kids (3 freshmans and 1 sophmore) living in our house. WOOOOW. It still amazes me that we all fit, lol. So while I haven't been nearly as busy as my girlfriend (because she has had to do all the actual work associated with takeing in two kids ie. register them in school, take them school supply shopping, paperwork) our house hs been quite busy. See so I feel like I can go up to any other house in the nieghborhood and say hey I bet my house can whoop your house, LOL. So all and all my life is great.