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Monday, July 27, 2009

The chair.

This one is another that is really simple and is really all about the build up and anticipation. On Wednesday night I put a dinning room chair up against the wall in the bedroom. On Thursday night I put a pair of her heels that liked to see her wear on the seat of the chair. On Friday I placed a dress to go with the heels on the chair. On Friday night I sent her an email telling her she needed to have on the items I put out on the chair at 6pm Saturday.

So at 6:30pm she walks out the room looking and smelling good. So I take her back to the chair and set her down and turn on some music then I started to slowly kiss her neck and lips. ( Now if you noticed I didn't set out any panties for her to put on here is why lol. ) I continued to kiss my way down to her thighs and made my way to her spot, now after I let her cum once, I stood her up and turned her around. Had her kneel on the chair and grab the back of the chair with her hands and slowly entered from the back.

Now if you have never tried this position unless you have really wide chairs you have to go slow, which was fine for me because what this position is good for is hitting her G-Spot. So I slowly stroked her G-spot, while my hands caressed her nipples and clit. The same time my lips are on her neck and back.

Well you get the picture....... we eventually had to finish up on the bed because after awhile the seat of the chair became to slippery for her to stay in that position.

Afterwords we cleaned up and got dinner and a movie.

As usual let me know what you think as well as any suggestions to make this better.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I washed her Hair!!!!!!!!!!

Ok the set up for this one is simple!!!!! Shampoo, a lot of clean towels, a nice sized bathroom, or a warm bedroom.

Now start out by letting her know a couple days in advance that you are going to wash her hair. Then get your supplys together. The day of the event make sure you have as many towels as you can get. I also took my finger and wrote with my finger on the mirror that I loved her so that when the heat and steam from the shower fogged over the mirror it showed up in the mirror. Now once she got in the shower I got to work, I covered the entire bathroom in towels, lit candles and placed them all over the bathroom, then I turned on some music and turned off the air condition. Now Its time for fun. So now I get naked and climb in the shower with my girl, then I slowly begin to wash her hair. Now of course I kiss her neck and her back while I massage her scalp. Rinse and repeat. Now once your done getting her hot, bothered and clean exit the shower. Leave the shower going so the room stays warm, don't dry off just get right to it, right there on the floor, on the counter, up against the wall, wet and slippery. Don't be surprised if your dru when this is over, lol.

Now if you have a large enough bathroom or no shower. Cover the bed room in towels, turn up the heat, and you may want to strip the bed down to anything you don't want to get wet.

As usual leave your comments, your thoughts, and your suggestions.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Porn Star!!!!!!

Most men have thought about what it would be like to be in bed with a porn star!!! One the more famous ones is Jenna Jamison (I think I spelled that right) So that is what this senerio revolves around -- Fantasy!! Now you don't need much for this one in fact most women already own a piece of lingerie, a chair, erotic music, vibrater or dildo, and candles. Now she got this one started by sending me an email and in the email it basicaly said that tonight I would spend time with a porn star. So after the email I knew I was going to have some fun that night and the video games were getting put up early. So when she came to get me for the nights porceedings I was instructed to turn around and close my eyes. Once my eyes where closed she entered the room, blind folded me and led be to the bed room. when we reached the bed room I was led to a chair and helped to set down. Now once I was setting down she started the music and told me I could remove my blind fold. Once I removed the blindfold I found that the room was candle lit and I was setting in a chair positioned a couple of inches from the be and my girl was laying on her back in lengerie, high heels, and make up. Needless to say the minute I was blindfolded I was ready to go, lol, so once I this I was definetly ready for action. That when she started the show.

Now I'm not going to described the show I got from my girl but I will tell you why I mentioned Jenna Jamison at the beginning of this post. In many pron movies Jenna would start out by laying on her back naked or in bra and panites or something equaly sexy. Then she would begin touching her self and rubbing her pussy getting wet and excited. After doing this for a while she would begin to play with a vibrater. The whole purpose of this was to tease the audience in this case your guy.

After the show its on to the main attraction lol. As always leave your comments and leave any variations. I'm always looking to up my game so help a brother out LOL.