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Friday, January 30, 2009

Her Addiction

My style and ways are her addictions

Some will say that what I'm telling is fiction

I'm not going tell you a single lie about mine

Or make claims of oversized male egos like I've got nine

.. ..

But what I will say about mine

I'll slowly unveil an inch at a time

.. ..

Soft music and candlelight comes first

A little wine and romance before I satisfy her thirst

.. ..

She knows the way I like touch and kiss

Little slow grind around the room I just can't miss

.. ..

Just enough to get her waters to flow

Then I start to remove her clothes oh so slow

.. ..

Now once her beauty is revealed by candlelight

I lay her down and position her just how I like

.. ..

I love to kiss her body from head to toe

I enjoy giving more than receiving just so you know

.. ..

I make my way to the heat between her thighs

And start to do things to makes her breasts fall and rise

.. ..

My oral fetish she knows it well

She yells at the way I make her pearl swell

.. ..

To please me she'll even roll on top

She will feed and feed me until she pops

.. ..

Then as her thighs begin to quiver and quake

Her bodies now shaking trying to make its escape

.. ..

But there's no going back and I won't back down

I enter her slowly, its time to claim my crown

.. ..

Now her addiction finally starts to stir

She wants me, she needs me, it all becomes a blur..

.. ..

We don't go on forever not even a whole night.

We just keep on going to we both feel just right

.. ..

Then as are pleasures reach there peaks

We end this ride between the sheets

By Jessie Hunt 2008


Why do I dream dreams

Dreams of unfulfilled love, Dreams of never bought Diamond Rings.

Last night I dreamt a dream like so many before

Of not getting to tell her I loved her as she walked out the door.

As I followed her through this Dream like landscape

She entered a church full of well wishers and wedding cake.

In a flash of bright light and a cacophony of sound

I was blessed with the sight of my dream woman in a long white Gown

As I viewed this scene with love and joy from my place high above

This woman, My dream girl approached the altar with the grace of a dove.

Suddenly my mind reeled and my feet stumbled backward as if I'd been shoved.

There was some other man, not me, standing to the right of the woman I loved.

.I protested and shouted and yes, I even screamed,

But my body and my voice was held back by hands unseen.

As my mind reeled with questions, I tried to stay strong.

I couldn't remember what, if anything I had done wrong.

Why do I dream dreams,

Dreams of Jazzy night club scenes, Dreams of women who are Queens.

Last night I lived a dream like one I've lived so many times before.

Lively, Dreams of good music, good friends, and crowed dance floors.

As we took are seats, enjoyed are drinks, and grooved to a damn good live band.

My senses were greeted with a site both beautiful and Grand.

A vision of beauty and ellegance burst onto the scene.

A beautiful, caramel skin woman with the confidence of a Queen.

Her beauty was stunning she seemed to glide across tile.

As she greeted each one of us, her loyal subjects with a wave and a smile.

When it was finally my time to be blessed with her gaze and honored her touch.

I tried to hide my infatuation as my neck and my face started to flush.

Her voice was like silky, smooth, velvet, with a feminine tone

Her smile was sincere sunshine I could have sworn we were alone.

As she glided from my presence I was left alone with the guys

The warmth her smile left on my soul helped me keep up my disguise.

The disguise of a man, who is happy and content with his single life.

When he truly has the dreams and aspirations to make a Queen his wife.

So tell me why I dream dreams,

Dreams of lost loves and beautiful Queens ……….

By Jessie Hunt 2008

For the love of her

I had to restart this poem a time or two
Because mere words can't express my feelings for you
Its too soon to be love so just let me explain
That the thought of my life without you seems rather insane
I've played out our future a hundred times in my mind
We've had candle light dinners while we've talked over wine
We've slow danced in our bedroom to our favorite song
We keep it G rated cause the kids haven't been in bed to long
But I think the day dream I look forward to the most
Would have to be are wedding day toast
When our friends all join around and proclaim
What a beautiful couple we are and now we share the same name
These are hopes and dreams that some day will come true
If you only give me one chance to prove them two you
Now back to my feelings that are hard to explain
They are getting to the point were there hard to contain
When I'm with you I feel like I'm riding Cloud nine
And when we're apart I just want to speed up time
So I can rush back to your soft warm embrace
Just to be in you presence is a blessing and a Grace
A chance of a lifetime with you I promise not to miss
A promise of a lifetime with you was sealed with our first kiss

By Jessie Hunt /.10/24/08

Songs I Sing

You have changed my life in so many ways

No more clouds cover my sunny days

My heart and love are yours to keep

With you by my side no mountain is to steep

Every Song that I hear makes me think of you

Love songs that I sing speak my heart to you

Songs of cheats, heartbreaks, and lies I sing them too

They remind me how lucky I am that their not you

I dance to songs of fast racing tempos and beats

Dreaming of us dancing on floors and under the sheets

I sing songs of praise with a heart empty of strife

Thanking GOD every moment that you share my life

I could never go back to days with out you

To days of soulless music killed by the loss of you

With out you my heart would sing no song

Thoughts of futures without you just seem so wrong

So I’ll love with more love than it takes

I’ll hold you in my heart to ward off the breaks

I’ll continue to sing songs to express my love

Truth is we go together like hand and glove

Without you there would be no music to sing

So I'll sing songs and see what the future brings

by Jessie Hunt 01/29/09