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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another day another dollar.

So I'm setting at my desk this morning enjoying the breeze trying do decide exactly how much work I feel like doing today. You see the thing is the company I work for has went from pulling in 29 million a month to 103.oo dollars last month. Its such a small amount it makes you want to laugh, but in reality its that small sum and more that has my productivity in the toilet. I'm a hard worker, I've had a job since I was seven years old (my father had his on landscaping company) so my after school hours and summers were filled with work not hanging out with friends and enjoying the summer. Now there are times I regret this and there are times I'm thankful for the mentality my father gave which basically Is not working, not having, bores me death in the least and at the most I feel like less than a man if I'm not working. I guess that really has nothing do with this situation simply put I just feel like with the future of this company seeming very dismal and talk is running rampant all over the facility about us shutting down, its just hard to get motivated to work my best when there is nothing to work for and when I say nothing I mean a pay raise or promotion or the like. And for me the only thing worse than doing a job that is boring as hell would have to be just working for a paycheck.