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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Minute

Wow its been a minute so I feel I need to post a update. Sex life is great. We went to Myrtle Beach for my girls Germany High School Reunion. Had a great time and made some new friends. My girl got moved into her office, she's been working out of the home but I understand its easier to focus on work when you have to get up and go the office. Plus its win, win, for me because I hope now she will be able to relate to how I feel when the weekend come around and I'm just happy to be home. I'm also happy for her and the business to be taking steps forward. We moved into a bigger house, I like it alot its a little older but it has hard wood floors and a massive yard so I can keep the kids busy with yard work when I need to (LOL). I will be trying to get back active on my blog just know promises at this time.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My own army LOL

Well thats at least how I feel, lol. Let me explain my girlfriend who is a inspiration as well the love of my life, has always had this notion to give back to show thanks for all the bleesings in our life. Now originally we had planned to foster a child (after much nudging from her, lol, see how she makes me better) but before that could ever come to fruition we were given the option to help out two of her teenage brothers who had recenlty became homeless. So now I have 4 teenage high school kids (3 freshmans and 1 sophmore) living in our house. WOOOOW. It still amazes me that we all fit, lol. So while I haven't been nearly as busy as my girlfriend (because she has had to do all the actual work associated with takeing in two kids ie. register them in school, take them school supply shopping, paperwork) our house hs been quite busy. See so I feel like I can go up to any other house in the nieghborhood and say hey I bet my house can whoop your house, LOL. So all and all my life is great.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The chair.

This one is another that is really simple and is really all about the build up and anticipation. On Wednesday night I put a dinning room chair up against the wall in the bedroom. On Thursday night I put a pair of her heels that liked to see her wear on the seat of the chair. On Friday I placed a dress to go with the heels on the chair. On Friday night I sent her an email telling her she needed to have on the items I put out on the chair at 6pm Saturday.

So at 6:30pm she walks out the room looking and smelling good. So I take her back to the chair and set her down and turn on some music then I started to slowly kiss her neck and lips. ( Now if you noticed I didn't set out any panties for her to put on here is why lol. ) I continued to kiss my way down to her thighs and made my way to her spot, now after I let her cum once, I stood her up and turned her around. Had her kneel on the chair and grab the back of the chair with her hands and slowly entered from the back.

Now if you have never tried this position unless you have really wide chairs you have to go slow, which was fine for me because what this position is good for is hitting her G-Spot. So I slowly stroked her G-spot, while my hands caressed her nipples and clit. The same time my lips are on her neck and back.

Well you get the picture....... we eventually had to finish up on the bed because after awhile the seat of the chair became to slippery for her to stay in that position.

Afterwords we cleaned up and got dinner and a movie.

As usual let me know what you think as well as any suggestions to make this better.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I washed her Hair!!!!!!!!!!

Ok the set up for this one is simple!!!!! Shampoo, a lot of clean towels, a nice sized bathroom, or a warm bedroom.

Now start out by letting her know a couple days in advance that you are going to wash her hair. Then get your supplys together. The day of the event make sure you have as many towels as you can get. I also took my finger and wrote with my finger on the mirror that I loved her so that when the heat and steam from the shower fogged over the mirror it showed up in the mirror. Now once she got in the shower I got to work, I covered the entire bathroom in towels, lit candles and placed them all over the bathroom, then I turned on some music and turned off the air condition. Now Its time for fun. So now I get naked and climb in the shower with my girl, then I slowly begin to wash her hair. Now of course I kiss her neck and her back while I massage her scalp. Rinse and repeat. Now once your done getting her hot, bothered and clean exit the shower. Leave the shower going so the room stays warm, don't dry off just get right to it, right there on the floor, on the counter, up against the wall, wet and slippery. Don't be surprised if your dru when this is over, lol.

Now if you have a large enough bathroom or no shower. Cover the bed room in towels, turn up the heat, and you may want to strip the bed down to anything you don't want to get wet.

As usual leave your comments, your thoughts, and your suggestions.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Porn Star!!!!!!

Most men have thought about what it would be like to be in bed with a porn star!!! One the more famous ones is Jenna Jamison (I think I spelled that right) So that is what this senerio revolves around -- Fantasy!! Now you don't need much for this one in fact most women already own a piece of lingerie, a chair, erotic music, vibrater or dildo, and candles. Now she got this one started by sending me an email and in the email it basicaly said that tonight I would spend time with a porn star. So after the email I knew I was going to have some fun that night and the video games were getting put up early. So when she came to get me for the nights porceedings I was instructed to turn around and close my eyes. Once my eyes where closed she entered the room, blind folded me and led be to the bed room. when we reached the bed room I was led to a chair and helped to set down. Now once I was setting down she started the music and told me I could remove my blind fold. Once I removed the blindfold I found that the room was candle lit and I was setting in a chair positioned a couple of inches from the be and my girl was laying on her back in lengerie, high heels, and make up. Needless to say the minute I was blindfolded I was ready to go, lol, so once I this I was definetly ready for action. That when she started the show.

Now I'm not going to described the show I got from my girl but I will tell you why I mentioned Jenna Jamison at the beginning of this post. In many pron movies Jenna would start out by laying on her back naked or in bra and panites or something equaly sexy. Then she would begin touching her self and rubbing her pussy getting wet and excited. After doing this for a while she would begin to play with a vibrater. The whole purpose of this was to tease the audience in this case your guy.

After the show its on to the main attraction lol. As always leave your comments and leave any variations. I'm always looking to up my game so help a brother out LOL.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Boys nite in!!!

Now this is a personal favorite of mine that my girl set up for me. I originally did not realize that something was up, LOL, I just thought she was being super super girlfriend, rather than the super girlfriend she usually is. First she came into the room in what I would describe as a cheerleading outfit. It wasn't but that's what it was supposed to be and since I wasn't watching any sports she started cheering on my video game play. Then she got up and left the room and came back with pizza and beer. Basically all the things a guy would typically do when he is out with the guys. (Sports, Beer, and Pizza) Now it doesn't have to be these things the point is to cater to him for the night.

After a while my girl suggested that I should hop in the shower and then we could watch a movie together. Since she had let me have my time and enjoy what I liked to do I was all for it. Now when I came back from the shower expecting the movie we had picked up from the redbox I found a porn movie playing and I was instructed that we were todo what ever the folks on the screen did. Now we started out doing that but eventually it broke down into wild sex. (as usaul for us)

So this one can have many forms but at its base its about making it his night with porn, video games, sport, beer, junk food, and hot sex.

So what have you done for your man lately lol? And I'm sure there is a variation for the women on this maybe. flowers, lovemovie, wine, her favorite food, porn, and wild sex. LOL

As usual leave your comments of your variations and thoughts.

Remote Control

Well lets see for this one I went out purchased a new toy. So let me try to explain it. Easiest way would be to say a G-String with a remote controlled 4 inch vibrator. Now go and get a sturdy hanger and a couple of Ties or soft ropes. (and of course the usual mood setting items, ie. music, candles, clean sheets)

Now took the hanger and left it on my girls desk with a note telling her to bring it to bed with her. Now after she got refreshed from her shower that night I ambushed her on her way to the bed and blind folded her with one of my ties. Then I had her hold the hanger while I tied her hands to the hanger with the ties. Then I led her across the room and secured the hanger above her head to the top of the door.

Now The fun starts.....

The object here is to get the room ready while getting her juices going as well. So to accomplish this every time you do something in the room (ie. turn on the music, light the candles) return to her and remove a single article of her clothes or lightly touch or kiss her. You can make this take as long as you like. (anticipation really make this fun) Now the task you need to accomplish in the room are:
1) place a blanket on the floor in the middle of the room
2) Place the new toy in the middle of the blanket and surround it with every pillow you can find, think harem.
3) Strip down your self.
4) Set the mood.

Now by the time your all set up she should be good to go, lol.
Remove her hands from the hanger, but leave her blind folded, and lead her to the pile of pillows.
Have her get down on all fours in the pillows straddling the pillows. Then strap her into the new toy (The one I purchased had buttons on the leg straps so you could do each leg individually and then around her waste.)
Make sure she is strapped in good or when it gets good she may force it out lol.

Now after shes good to go walk around to her front and guide her head to your smaller head, if you know what I mean while keeping the remote for the vibrator in your hand. And tell her it is her job to make your head feels as good as she feels right now and switch on the vibrator. Now can keep this up for as long as you like. (ie. to completion or until your ready for some good old fashioned sex your choice) The vibrator I purchased also had several setting and speeds so we were really able to play with it a lot, I was able to increase the speed and get her really excited and decrease the speed or vibrations to allow her to come back down teasing her with it.

That's basically it. Now the language sounds kind of corny but its hard to write what really is said with out sounding like a porn flick lol. Use what ever language and terms you and yours feel comfortable with. Now as usual If you read this leave a comment If you have other variations or suggestion leave those as well.


First I want to apologize for my absence. hell, I've been busy, LOL.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Soft and Hard...........

Ok by now you know the deal. I set this one up by getting a few things together before hand. i went and pick up a soft makeup brush from wallgreens, some KY warming oil, hand cuffs, blind fold along with putting together a cool play list on the Ipod.

Now after the kids where asleep and she was in the shower I set the mood. Straightened out the bed heated up the Ky is a bowl, turned down the lights, and started the music. Plus adjust the temp I wanted it a little chilly.

When she came out of the shower I ambushed her at the door and presented her with the blindfold. Now after she couldn't see I removed her robe and left her standing there naked. Then I led her to the bed where I had her lay back on the bed. I placed her arms at her side and proceeded to slowly paint imaginary pictures all over her body with the make up brush. Around her nipples on her neck, around her clit and up and down her lips now when this became to much I took the handcuff and cuffed her hands above her head and went back to work.

After a couple more minutes of this i dipped the brush into ky warming oil and started over lightly blowing on the places were I applied it, now you can keep both of these up for as long as you want but depending on the person this can be very arousing as well as ticklish.

So eventually after she was squirming real well I flipped her over, had her stand up, bend over the bed, and cuffed her hands behind her back. Then whipped out my brush and oil again. Putting oil all over her butt, inner thighs, small and center of her back and neck.

Now once again you can keep this up until they can't take it any more. Another variation could be candle wax mixed in with the oil to make things last longer.

The hard part comes in when she bent over, LOL, strap up for HER PLEASURE grab the cuffs and ....................................................

Well you get the picture once again as usual post a comment and if you have any suggesting let me know.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sweet Seduction

Now here is a new one for you. If you have some experience you have probably used some part or form of this already if not step your game up and get like me, LOL. Now I didn't perform this particular one, I was lucky enough to be the receiver of this erotic seduction but as usual I will be telling it from my point of view. Now this one takes a little preparation and planning. First this is all about mood, relaxation, and seduction. First off as usual let the intended victim no a day or to in advance that something is about to go down. Why? Its called foreplay, its an incredible little thing that can turn and encounter from just sex into WOW! Its all about anticipation. Ok back to the topic . Get some supplies unless your like me and mine you keep this stuff in stock lol. Some kind of herbal tea ( you can use water but I prefer tea), a towel, massage oil (baby oil will work as well), tea candles, and some soft music. 1) Changes the sheets and clean the bedroom, its easier to relax in a clean room and nothing is more relaxing than clean soft sheets. 2) Have all your supplies stashed some where near the bed. 3) Then after that wash up your self and for the ladies put on something whorish and sexy (remember this is all about seduction), me I hit the gym hard so the muscles would be a pumped up lol, hopped in the shower, lotioned up (you can't be seducing a woman all ashy), shaved, through on a pair of shorts and a tank top. Basically got ready for the club minus the clothes. My girl did her hair, make up, short short short did i say short skirt, Gstring, tank top, and high heels. <-------- I like!!!!!!!!!!

Now go ahead and strut, lol, tell the victim to hop in the shower and take there time. Now while they are in the shower, put out and light the candles, put on some music, turn off the lights and check your supplies. Heat the massage oil, make the tea, set the temp in the room to cool not warm but not cold lol. Now once their shower is done have them lay face down in the middle of the bed naked. Now the rules are simple they can't touch and any time you place your tongue or mouth on the seductee you must have just taken a drink of tea or have warm tea in your mouth. No slowly massage, kiss, lick, and enjoy your self. SLOWLY this is seduction not a quickie. Then Flip and repeat. Now this whole time you stay completely clothed. Your final destination should be mmmmmmm down town lol. Once again take your time and don't forget the tea.

Now where you go from here is up to you I like to leave them wanting for two reasons. 1) Our old friend foreplay, 2) I feel its important to let my girl know that its not always about me getting off or getting mine. So buy relaxing her, helping her get hers a couple of times, then not worrying about the hardness between my legs, and just holding her, I feel I'm letting her know that.

Now If she chooses to show me some appreciation later on hey who am I to say no, lol.

So as usual tell me what you think, variations, Ideas, or what ever. I can always learn something new!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Quick post this morning, lol. Fact you are what you eat! Fact your taste and smell are directly related to your dietary habits. Point is if your man or girl, lol, has a problem tasting you try adjusting your diet, drinking some water, and stop smoking. Eating fruit and drinking water will have you tasting sweeter and fresher. I don't know about the green but smoking cigarettes negatively affects you taste not to mention dehydrates you. lol. The one statement Pliers ever made I agree with is Taste like water with no smell, lol. So in closing in this short PSA increase the fruit in your diet, drink more water, and if you needed another reason to stop smoking other than death chances of more head. lol. Now If you agree or disagree let me KNOW!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

How To Catch A king!!!!!!!!! From a Kings Point of view.

Now I'm writing this for my single female friends out there who are trying to find a king, not a lame, not a one night stand, or a mister right now.

1) Know your worth.

Your a good woman? Right!, lol, If your not sure stop right here and read no further. Get your life together and come back when you don't have baby daddy drama and are sure that what you want is a MAN, not a place holder in your life waiting for your king to find you. Also live a little if you under 25 you may not be ready to settle down, get your club on, kick it with the your girls, hell have that three some with you girlfriend and her man, or kiss a girl. Point is get those things out of your system that may make it hard to focus on a relationship.

2) Know what you want in a MAN!

Very Important!!!!!!!! If you don't know what you need in a man to make you happy, then how the hell are you supposed to what your king looks like when you find him. Don't accept anything less than what you deserve in a man. If you are a needy woman then a man who is really independent won't work for you. Don't hesitate to use your Astrology sites either now why I don't believe in astrology being able to predict the future I don't doubt its ability to give you a basic assessment of the men you will meet. I truly believe at are base we are what are signs say we are but the we are flavored with what is instilled in us as children and are life experiences.
As men once we reach a certain age we really stop changing but we will continue to evolve into a more complete version of who we are today.

3) Where to meet your king!!!!

We are every where lol, in the clubs, at the library and even at the rodeo. LOL. Now my personnel take on this is meet men in places that you enjoy hanging out it greatly enhances the chance that you probably have something in common. My personal choice would be the Internet and here is why. See back in they day when your mothers and grandmothers were dating they limited in the choices because they could only meet men whom they could physically encounter. So they really ended up having to settle for MR. Almost Right For Her!!!! Don't get me wrong your king may be right next door, you may have known him your whole life then again your true match might live an hour away and moves in a totally different circle than you and the chances of you meeting him are slim to none. With the Internet though 3 or 4 hours a way is a mouse click and seconds away. With the Internet you can profile potential kings, when looking for my queen I approached very scientifically. I had several question that I need answered right up front If you had a problem with them then we probably wouldn't work out. Now your questions should directly reflect the things you need to make you happy as well as the things you can't deal with in a man if it annoys you today it while drive you crazy 4 or 5 months from now. If he passes the initial questions spend a couple days chatting online and see if he can form a complete sentence or not lol. You know get to know him better, if your still feeling him then get his number and call him here his voice and continue the screening process. Now a deal breaker can come when you finally meet him because folks lie and lets be honest If you are half way smart your not posting you didn't post any unattractive pictures of your self and neither need he. LOL. Now during this time you should If he was not attentive or did not respond to your emails and requests to chat in a timely fashion then he probably isn't interested in you. I'm just keeping it real because who wants to waste their time with folks who aren't into them.

4) The first date!

!!!!!Deal Breaker!!!!!!!! Please don't be late, lol, punctuality says allot about a person. Treat this like a interview but have fun. If he looks like his picture and you look like yours, lol, then we are off to a good start. Before we got here I usually already knew whether you were booty call material or whether or not I was interested in more. You see I didn't see dating just has a hook up or meeting my future wife. A date should be two people out enjoying each others company having a good time. The getting to know each other portion should be second, I learned more about a woman by how she enjoyed her self than anything else. Whether he is a drunk or loud ass ghetto dude will all come out if you make the date fun, skip the romance on the first date. Now some folks see having sex on the first thing as a bad thing but if a woman gave it me on the first date told me she was decisive, knew what she wanted and went after. Plus once again lets not waste our time hear if he sucks in bed are you really going to be satisfied and happy. There are to many options there to be wasting your time on Mr. Wrong. Also I feel like a man should always pay on a date, even if before we went out I knew we were just going to be friends and nothing more I paid. You want a gentleman right!!!!!!

5)After 1st Date etiquette.

Once again I've heard all these rules about how soon you should call. I think you should call when you want to. If your truly interested call that night or the next day. Once again why waste your time.

My rules for dating:
You should never have to settle.
You should never have to change who you are for a man or a woman hell If you kissed a girl once, liked it and he can't deal with that then he's probably to uptight for you.
People don't change.
Good sex is important.
Intelligence is beautiful.
Attitudes from past experiences should be left at home.
No rules have fun.
If your dating, you can date more than one person as long as your clear about it up front.
If the first date sucks why should you have to wait another two or three weeks to find a new
potential King. Online you can easily meet and get to know 2 or 3 guys at a time.
Last but not least your never going to find Mr. perfect but you can find Mr. Perfect for you!

Now I'm sure there are going to be some out there who disagree with me but opinions are opinions this is what worked for me when I was looking for my Queen.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Morning Snooze Button Game

Now this is a idea I took and tweaked slightly for me and my girls enjoyment it works like this. Now I sent her a e-card letting her know I was planning something the day before and that i would give her the specific details when I got home. (By doing this I get her mind wandering and the foreplay rolling) Once i got home I explained the rules of the game first we both needed to write a down a prize that the winner would receive. (This could be dinner, washing your clothes or something of a sexual nature.) Then I laid out the rules tomorrow morning the alarm clock will go off when it does I'll hit the snooze button, I then have from that moment until the alarm goes off again to try to make her moan, If i succeed I get the prize I secretly wrote down. If I don't succeed she gets the prize she secretly wrote down. Simple, quick, easy, fun.

Now there is another variation of this suggested by the book I got the idea from such as if you have a clock radio, to call the radio station morning team and try to get them involved. Let them no what time the alarm will go off and they may even try to root you on lol which would probably increase the excitement of this game.

I chose to not tell my girl the prize I wanted from her but I planned to write her email with my request which I felt also increased the anticipation of this game. (Because now her mind is still on us and anticipating what my request will be.

So give this a shot and tell me whether you enjoyed it or not. If you have any suggestions on variations post those in comments as well. Or just leave a comment period.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sex Games

Now I started this initially as a site to post some poetry I wrote and some of my thoughts on certain subjects and it will probably remain that way the difference will be the topic choice.

First Topic: Online Sex Games for Couples.

Any couple with a healthy relationship will tell you that SEX is important and GOOD SEX is better. Now my personal opinion is that GOOD Sex includes fore play and keeping it fresh.
So in my search to find new ways to keep sex fresh I've come across a few online games for couples. My two favorites so far are Bliss and Secret Desires, now Bliss is a monopoly style game the free version allows you a hour of play with little customization and your stuck in the romance mood, but you still are allowed to select the toys you have available, the clothes that each of you have on and even if you have a camera available. Bliss also has some music built in that plays and changes while you play, the full version allows you to add your own music. The graphics are set up in a monopoly style pink board. Bliss is by far the most popular of its type available but that is probably because of marketing.

Now on to my favorite so far Secret Desires the free version allows you full customisation of the players, what you have on, what you like to do sexually, what you like done to you sexually, what think you would like to try but are to shy to ask, you can select on a scale for min to max what body parts you enjoy sexually being stimulated, even whether you like anal or oral. If you don't find what your into you can even add it to the list of selected desires with full descriptions provided by you. But unless your into some off the wall stuff most fetishes and likes are already there for selection. You are allowed to also select what level your at when you start ie. cool(chillen all lovey dovey) to Hot(wet and hard lol), and where you would like to be when you finish. WARNING: If you start in hot I can't guarantee you'll be able to finish the game, lol. There are even options to incorporate food and vodka or your drink of choise ie. this game will get you drunk and loose. So how far you want to take it is up to you with this one. Now the free version only allows you 15 min. games but you can play them back to back as many times as you want and it keeps the options and setting you've already selected so there is no down time.

So for new and old couples who want to keep it fresh I suggest you give these a try as well as leave me a comment about any games you know off or enjoyed. Hey even leave me a comment if you play one of these and enjoy the experience. Now if your single check out and find you someone to play with today lol.


First off a little about me, I have a lot of sides, I'm the romantic, the lover, the son, the father, the handy man, and many more. I envision my self as a Alpha Male, its ingrained in me to be the best man I can be, don't get me wrong lol I'm far from perfect if you don't believe me ask my girl. I'm a procrastinator, my credit needs work, I'm logical to a fault at times (meaning A+B = C so why are you mad), if I say I'm going to do something I may do it if I don't get distracted by a new video game or something, and when I'm in a mood I can be the biggest asshole you'll meet.

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Day Update

Well its been a minute since I last updated, lol, lets see where to begin. I was layed off from Schlumberger, Hired at DELL making better money, went on a cruise to Cozumel with my girl friend and as usual enjoying life. I plan to start trying to update this thing regulary not that with my new job I'll probably have the time to work on it more. Plus I plan to try turn this thing into something more than just a blog.

P.S. for all my single friends there is a link at the bottom of the blog for Connect Black Love . com its still under construction but check it out. If you like it or have suggestions email me or leave a comment we are trying to do something a little different with a internet dating site than what your used to, we hope. Alright thats about it my break is over and its back to class so ill talk to you later.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another day another dollar.

So I'm setting at my desk this morning enjoying the breeze trying do decide exactly how much work I feel like doing today. You see the thing is the company I work for has went from pulling in 29 million a month to 103.oo dollars last month. Its such a small amount it makes you want to laugh, but in reality its that small sum and more that has my productivity in the toilet. I'm a hard worker, I've had a job since I was seven years old (my father had his on landscaping company) so my after school hours and summers were filled with work not hanging out with friends and enjoying the summer. Now there are times I regret this and there are times I'm thankful for the mentality my father gave which basically Is not working, not having, bores me death in the least and at the most I feel like less than a man if I'm not working. I guess that really has nothing do with this situation simply put I just feel like with the future of this company seeming very dismal and talk is running rampant all over the facility about us shutting down, its just hard to get motivated to work my best when there is nothing to work for and when I say nothing I mean a pay raise or promotion or the like. And for me the only thing worse than doing a job that is boring as hell would have to be just working for a paycheck.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

35 years young.

Well its official I'm 35 years old today, while I don't feel any older its is one of those bench mark ages. LOL. I keep telling my girlfriend I'm half way to 70 lol now she is just slightly younger than me so she has been playing along with the old jokes. I'm happy at 35, no mid life crisis, sure my life isn't were i wish it was but if there were no expectations for greater things what would be the point in living. (Another thing I've learned from my baby) Now when I say my life not where i want it to be I mean that there are some bills I wish i had payed on and some obligations that if I would have taken care of them sooner would be non existent issues. As far as being happy though I'm very happy I have a home, a job, a paid off car, a beautiful woman (faithful) woman, and two teenage children who don't drive me crazy. Sure I go to work every day, go to the gym to get the body looking better, argue with the kids about shit they will understand one day(lol), and live a regular life. But isn't that how its supposed to be? All in all I'm 35 with a bright future and a plan to enjoy every moment along the way. So think you GOD for letting me see 35 and thank you for the people you placed in my life along the way.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Her Addiction

My style and ways are her addictions

Some will say that what I'm telling is fiction

I'm not going tell you a single lie about mine

Or make claims of oversized male egos like I've got nine

.. ..

But what I will say about mine

I'll slowly unveil an inch at a time

.. ..

Soft music and candlelight comes first

A little wine and romance before I satisfy her thirst

.. ..

She knows the way I like touch and kiss

Little slow grind around the room I just can't miss

.. ..

Just enough to get her waters to flow

Then I start to remove her clothes oh so slow

.. ..

Now once her beauty is revealed by candlelight

I lay her down and position her just how I like

.. ..

I love to kiss her body from head to toe

I enjoy giving more than receiving just so you know

.. ..

I make my way to the heat between her thighs

And start to do things to makes her breasts fall and rise

.. ..

My oral fetish she knows it well

She yells at the way I make her pearl swell

.. ..

To please me she'll even roll on top

She will feed and feed me until she pops

.. ..

Then as her thighs begin to quiver and quake

Her bodies now shaking trying to make its escape

.. ..

But there's no going back and I won't back down

I enter her slowly, its time to claim my crown

.. ..

Now her addiction finally starts to stir

She wants me, she needs me, it all becomes a blur..

.. ..

We don't go on forever not even a whole night.

We just keep on going to we both feel just right

.. ..

Then as are pleasures reach there peaks

We end this ride between the sheets

By Jessie Hunt 2008


Why do I dream dreams

Dreams of unfulfilled love, Dreams of never bought Diamond Rings.

Last night I dreamt a dream like so many before

Of not getting to tell her I loved her as she walked out the door.

As I followed her through this Dream like landscape

She entered a church full of well wishers and wedding cake.

In a flash of bright light and a cacophony of sound

I was blessed with the sight of my dream woman in a long white Gown

As I viewed this scene with love and joy from my place high above

This woman, My dream girl approached the altar with the grace of a dove.

Suddenly my mind reeled and my feet stumbled backward as if I'd been shoved.

There was some other man, not me, standing to the right of the woman I loved.

.I protested and shouted and yes, I even screamed,

But my body and my voice was held back by hands unseen.

As my mind reeled with questions, I tried to stay strong.

I couldn't remember what, if anything I had done wrong.

Why do I dream dreams,

Dreams of Jazzy night club scenes, Dreams of women who are Queens.

Last night I lived a dream like one I've lived so many times before.

Lively, Dreams of good music, good friends, and crowed dance floors.

As we took are seats, enjoyed are drinks, and grooved to a damn good live band.

My senses were greeted with a site both beautiful and Grand.

A vision of beauty and ellegance burst onto the scene.

A beautiful, caramel skin woman with the confidence of a Queen.

Her beauty was stunning she seemed to glide across tile.

As she greeted each one of us, her loyal subjects with a wave and a smile.

When it was finally my time to be blessed with her gaze and honored her touch.

I tried to hide my infatuation as my neck and my face started to flush.

Her voice was like silky, smooth, velvet, with a feminine tone

Her smile was sincere sunshine I could have sworn we were alone.

As she glided from my presence I was left alone with the guys

The warmth her smile left on my soul helped me keep up my disguise.

The disguise of a man, who is happy and content with his single life.

When he truly has the dreams and aspirations to make a Queen his wife.

So tell me why I dream dreams,

Dreams of lost loves and beautiful Queens ……….

By Jessie Hunt 2008

For the love of her

I had to restart this poem a time or two
Because mere words can't express my feelings for you
Its too soon to be love so just let me explain
That the thought of my life without you seems rather insane
I've played out our future a hundred times in my mind
We've had candle light dinners while we've talked over wine
We've slow danced in our bedroom to our favorite song
We keep it G rated cause the kids haven't been in bed to long
But I think the day dream I look forward to the most
Would have to be are wedding day toast
When our friends all join around and proclaim
What a beautiful couple we are and now we share the same name
These are hopes and dreams that some day will come true
If you only give me one chance to prove them two you
Now back to my feelings that are hard to explain
They are getting to the point were there hard to contain
When I'm with you I feel like I'm riding Cloud nine
And when we're apart I just want to speed up time
So I can rush back to your soft warm embrace
Just to be in you presence is a blessing and a Grace
A chance of a lifetime with you I promise not to miss
A promise of a lifetime with you was sealed with our first kiss

By Jessie Hunt /.10/24/08

Songs I Sing

You have changed my life in so many ways

No more clouds cover my sunny days

My heart and love are yours to keep

With you by my side no mountain is to steep

Every Song that I hear makes me think of you

Love songs that I sing speak my heart to you

Songs of cheats, heartbreaks, and lies I sing them too

They remind me how lucky I am that their not you

I dance to songs of fast racing tempos and beats

Dreaming of us dancing on floors and under the sheets

I sing songs of praise with a heart empty of strife

Thanking GOD every moment that you share my life

I could never go back to days with out you

To days of soulless music killed by the loss of you

With out you my heart would sing no song

Thoughts of futures without you just seem so wrong

So I’ll love with more love than it takes

I’ll hold you in my heart to ward off the breaks

I’ll continue to sing songs to express my love

Truth is we go together like hand and glove

Without you there would be no music to sing

So I'll sing songs and see what the future brings

by Jessie Hunt 01/29/09