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Monday, June 8, 2009

Boys nite in!!!

Now this is a personal favorite of mine that my girl set up for me. I originally did not realize that something was up, LOL, I just thought she was being super super girlfriend, rather than the super girlfriend she usually is. First she came into the room in what I would describe as a cheerleading outfit. It wasn't but that's what it was supposed to be and since I wasn't watching any sports she started cheering on my video game play. Then she got up and left the room and came back with pizza and beer. Basically all the things a guy would typically do when he is out with the guys. (Sports, Beer, and Pizza) Now it doesn't have to be these things the point is to cater to him for the night.

After a while my girl suggested that I should hop in the shower and then we could watch a movie together. Since she had let me have my time and enjoy what I liked to do I was all for it. Now when I came back from the shower expecting the movie we had picked up from the redbox I found a porn movie playing and I was instructed that we were todo what ever the folks on the screen did. Now we started out doing that but eventually it broke down into wild sex. (as usaul for us)

So this one can have many forms but at its base its about making it his night with porn, video games, sport, beer, junk food, and hot sex.

So what have you done for your man lately lol? And I'm sure there is a variation for the women on this maybe. flowers, lovemovie, wine, her favorite food, porn, and wild sex. LOL

As usual leave your comments of your variations and thoughts.

Remote Control

Well lets see for this one I went out purchased a new toy. So let me try to explain it. Easiest way would be to say a G-String with a remote controlled 4 inch vibrator. Now go and get a sturdy hanger and a couple of Ties or soft ropes. (and of course the usual mood setting items, ie. music, candles, clean sheets)

Now took the hanger and left it on my girls desk with a note telling her to bring it to bed with her. Now after she got refreshed from her shower that night I ambushed her on her way to the bed and blind folded her with one of my ties. Then I had her hold the hanger while I tied her hands to the hanger with the ties. Then I led her across the room and secured the hanger above her head to the top of the door.

Now The fun starts.....

The object here is to get the room ready while getting her juices going as well. So to accomplish this every time you do something in the room (ie. turn on the music, light the candles) return to her and remove a single article of her clothes or lightly touch or kiss her. You can make this take as long as you like. (anticipation really make this fun) Now the task you need to accomplish in the room are:
1) place a blanket on the floor in the middle of the room
2) Place the new toy in the middle of the blanket and surround it with every pillow you can find, think harem.
3) Strip down your self.
4) Set the mood.

Now by the time your all set up she should be good to go, lol.
Remove her hands from the hanger, but leave her blind folded, and lead her to the pile of pillows.
Have her get down on all fours in the pillows straddling the pillows. Then strap her into the new toy (The one I purchased had buttons on the leg straps so you could do each leg individually and then around her waste.)
Make sure she is strapped in good or when it gets good she may force it out lol.

Now after shes good to go walk around to her front and guide her head to your smaller head, if you know what I mean while keeping the remote for the vibrator in your hand. And tell her it is her job to make your head feels as good as she feels right now and switch on the vibrator. Now can keep this up for as long as you like. (ie. to completion or until your ready for some good old fashioned sex your choice) The vibrator I purchased also had several setting and speeds so we were really able to play with it a lot, I was able to increase the speed and get her really excited and decrease the speed or vibrations to allow her to come back down teasing her with it.

That's basically it. Now the language sounds kind of corny but its hard to write what really is said with out sounding like a porn flick lol. Use what ever language and terms you and yours feel comfortable with. Now as usual If you read this leave a comment If you have other variations or suggestion leave those as well.


First I want to apologize for my absence. hell, I've been busy, LOL.