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Monday, June 8, 2009

Boys nite in!!!

Now this is a personal favorite of mine that my girl set up for me. I originally did not realize that something was up, LOL, I just thought she was being super super girlfriend, rather than the super girlfriend she usually is. First she came into the room in what I would describe as a cheerleading outfit. It wasn't but that's what it was supposed to be and since I wasn't watching any sports she started cheering on my video game play. Then she got up and left the room and came back with pizza and beer. Basically all the things a guy would typically do when he is out with the guys. (Sports, Beer, and Pizza) Now it doesn't have to be these things the point is to cater to him for the night.

After a while my girl suggested that I should hop in the shower and then we could watch a movie together. Since she had let me have my time and enjoy what I liked to do I was all for it. Now when I came back from the shower expecting the movie we had picked up from the redbox I found a porn movie playing and I was instructed that we were todo what ever the folks on the screen did. Now we started out doing that but eventually it broke down into wild sex. (as usaul for us)

So this one can have many forms but at its base its about making it his night with porn, video games, sport, beer, junk food, and hot sex.

So what have you done for your man lately lol? And I'm sure there is a variation for the women on this maybe. flowers, lovemovie, wine, her favorite food, porn, and wild sex. LOL

As usual leave your comments of your variations and thoughts.


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Wow! You really do have an amazing girlfriend. It seems you really appreciate her too. This made me smile.

poitree said...

this was very nice. i love this one.

SomePieceOfAss said...

Great's what I did for my man was game night he wanted to come over and watch it with me.....when he showed up I had a plate filled with greens, corn bread, mac n cheese and burger steaks n gravy....he was so shocked once he was done eating he thought he was just going to kick up his feet and watch the game.....I pulled out my kit and gave him a manicure and pedicure....he couldn't stop starring at me....I wanted to make him feel like a King because he treats me like a Queen....let's just say I was tired as hell for work the next day.

Cerebrally_Orgasmic said...

Aww..what a beautiful evening that sounds like!! your lady obviously loves u very much..continue to treasure her as u do..
Gurl, sounds like a fantastic night for both parties!! Lol..