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Monday, July 27, 2009

The chair.

This one is another that is really simple and is really all about the build up and anticipation. On Wednesday night I put a dinning room chair up against the wall in the bedroom. On Thursday night I put a pair of her heels that liked to see her wear on the seat of the chair. On Friday I placed a dress to go with the heels on the chair. On Friday night I sent her an email telling her she needed to have on the items I put out on the chair at 6pm Saturday.

So at 6:30pm she walks out the room looking and smelling good. So I take her back to the chair and set her down and turn on some music then I started to slowly kiss her neck and lips. ( Now if you noticed I didn't set out any panties for her to put on here is why lol. ) I continued to kiss my way down to her thighs and made my way to her spot, now after I let her cum once, I stood her up and turned her around. Had her kneel on the chair and grab the back of the chair with her hands and slowly entered from the back.

Now if you have never tried this position unless you have really wide chairs you have to go slow, which was fine for me because what this position is good for is hitting her G-Spot. So I slowly stroked her G-spot, while my hands caressed her nipples and clit. The same time my lips are on her neck and back.

Well you get the picture....... we eventually had to finish up on the bed because after awhile the seat of the chair became to slippery for her to stay in that position.

Afterwords we cleaned up and got dinner and a movie.

As usual let me know what you think as well as any suggestions to make this better.


The.Real.Deal said...

That's what's up!! More men need to follow ur lead. Keep up the good work!! {Thanks for following}

Anonymous said...

put a towel on the chair and it wont be slippery. :-)

Tia said...

nice one! like ur blog! check out mine and follow if you like ;-)

SPOA: Porn Movement CEO/SOS: CSR said...

Ahem...clearing my mind of dirty thoughts. Asking the MAN above to forgive me. Lol

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Wow! My mind just went into 50 million different directions. Hot!

Ms. T said...

Real nice expressive post loll.

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Ms. T

MJ said...

Wohoooo glad yall had fun =) Hope you cuddled with her afterwards! =)