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Friday, January 30, 2009

For the love of her

I had to restart this poem a time or two
Because mere words can't express my feelings for you
Its too soon to be love so just let me explain
That the thought of my life without you seems rather insane
I've played out our future a hundred times in my mind
We've had candle light dinners while we've talked over wine
We've slow danced in our bedroom to our favorite song
We keep it G rated cause the kids haven't been in bed to long
But I think the day dream I look forward to the most
Would have to be are wedding day toast
When our friends all join around and proclaim
What a beautiful couple we are and now we share the same name
These are hopes and dreams that some day will come true
If you only give me one chance to prove them two you
Now back to my feelings that are hard to explain
They are getting to the point were there hard to contain
When I'm with you I feel like I'm riding Cloud nine
And when we're apart I just want to speed up time
So I can rush back to your soft warm embrace
Just to be in you presence is a blessing and a Grace
A chance of a lifetime with you I promise not to miss
A promise of a lifetime with you was sealed with our first kiss

By Jessie Hunt /.10/24/08

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ShayShay said...

Why hasn't this girl married you yet? These poems are lovely, she should be up under you transcribing every one :)