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Friday, January 30, 2009

Her Addiction

My style and ways are her addictions

Some will say that what I'm telling is fiction

I'm not going tell you a single lie about mine

Or make claims of oversized male egos like I've got nine

.. ..

But what I will say about mine

I'll slowly unveil an inch at a time

.. ..

Soft music and candlelight comes first

A little wine and romance before I satisfy her thirst

.. ..

She knows the way I like touch and kiss

Little slow grind around the room I just can't miss

.. ..

Just enough to get her waters to flow

Then I start to remove her clothes oh so slow

.. ..

Now once her beauty is revealed by candlelight

I lay her down and position her just how I like

.. ..

I love to kiss her body from head to toe

I enjoy giving more than receiving just so you know

.. ..

I make my way to the heat between her thighs

And start to do things to makes her breasts fall and rise

.. ..

My oral fetish she knows it well

She yells at the way I make her pearl swell

.. ..

To please me she'll even roll on top

She will feed and feed me until she pops

.. ..

Then as her thighs begin to quiver and quake

Her bodies now shaking trying to make its escape

.. ..

But there's no going back and I won't back down

I enter her slowly, its time to claim my crown

.. ..

Now her addiction finally starts to stir

She wants me, she needs me, it all becomes a blur..

.. ..

We don't go on forever not even a whole night.

We just keep on going to we both feel just right

.. ..

Then as are pleasures reach there peaks

We end this ride between the sheets

By Jessie Hunt 2008

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