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Friday, January 30, 2009

Songs I Sing

You have changed my life in so many ways

No more clouds cover my sunny days

My heart and love are yours to keep

With you by my side no mountain is to steep

Every Song that I hear makes me think of you

Love songs that I sing speak my heart to you

Songs of cheats, heartbreaks, and lies I sing them too

They remind me how lucky I am that their not you

I dance to songs of fast racing tempos and beats

Dreaming of us dancing on floors and under the sheets

I sing songs of praise with a heart empty of strife

Thanking GOD every moment that you share my life

I could never go back to days with out you

To days of soulless music killed by the loss of you

With out you my heart would sing no song

Thoughts of futures without you just seem so wrong

So I’ll love with more love than it takes

I’ll hold you in my heart to ward off the breaks

I’ll continue to sing songs to express my love

Truth is we go together like hand and glove

Without you there would be no music to sing

So I'll sing songs and see what the future brings

by Jessie Hunt 01/29/09

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