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Thursday, April 23, 2009

How To Catch A king!!!!!!!!! From a Kings Point of view.

Now I'm writing this for my single female friends out there who are trying to find a king, not a lame, not a one night stand, or a mister right now.

1) Know your worth.

Your a good woman? Right!, lol, If your not sure stop right here and read no further. Get your life together and come back when you don't have baby daddy drama and are sure that what you want is a MAN, not a place holder in your life waiting for your king to find you. Also live a little if you under 25 you may not be ready to settle down, get your club on, kick it with the your girls, hell have that three some with you girlfriend and her man, or kiss a girl. Point is get those things out of your system that may make it hard to focus on a relationship.

2) Know what you want in a MAN!

Very Important!!!!!!!! If you don't know what you need in a man to make you happy, then how the hell are you supposed to what your king looks like when you find him. Don't accept anything less than what you deserve in a man. If you are a needy woman then a man who is really independent won't work for you. Don't hesitate to use your Astrology sites either now why I don't believe in astrology being able to predict the future I don't doubt its ability to give you a basic assessment of the men you will meet. I truly believe at are base we are what are signs say we are but the we are flavored with what is instilled in us as children and are life experiences.
As men once we reach a certain age we really stop changing but we will continue to evolve into a more complete version of who we are today.

3) Where to meet your king!!!!

We are every where lol, in the clubs, at the library and even at the rodeo. LOL. Now my personnel take on this is meet men in places that you enjoy hanging out it greatly enhances the chance that you probably have something in common. My personal choice would be the Internet and here is why. See back in they day when your mothers and grandmothers were dating they limited in the choices because they could only meet men whom they could physically encounter. So they really ended up having to settle for MR. Almost Right For Her!!!! Don't get me wrong your king may be right next door, you may have known him your whole life then again your true match might live an hour away and moves in a totally different circle than you and the chances of you meeting him are slim to none. With the Internet though 3 or 4 hours a way is a mouse click and seconds away. With the Internet you can profile potential kings, when looking for my queen I approached very scientifically. I had several question that I need answered right up front If you had a problem with them then we probably wouldn't work out. Now your questions should directly reflect the things you need to make you happy as well as the things you can't deal with in a man if it annoys you today it while drive you crazy 4 or 5 months from now. If he passes the initial questions spend a couple days chatting online and see if he can form a complete sentence or not lol. You know get to know him better, if your still feeling him then get his number and call him here his voice and continue the screening process. Now a deal breaker can come when you finally meet him because folks lie and lets be honest If you are half way smart your not posting you didn't post any unattractive pictures of your self and neither need he. LOL. Now during this time you should If he was not attentive or did not respond to your emails and requests to chat in a timely fashion then he probably isn't interested in you. I'm just keeping it real because who wants to waste their time with folks who aren't into them.

4) The first date!

!!!!!Deal Breaker!!!!!!!! Please don't be late, lol, punctuality says allot about a person. Treat this like a interview but have fun. If he looks like his picture and you look like yours, lol, then we are off to a good start. Before we got here I usually already knew whether you were booty call material or whether or not I was interested in more. You see I didn't see dating just has a hook up or meeting my future wife. A date should be two people out enjoying each others company having a good time. The getting to know each other portion should be second, I learned more about a woman by how she enjoyed her self than anything else. Whether he is a drunk or loud ass ghetto dude will all come out if you make the date fun, skip the romance on the first date. Now some folks see having sex on the first thing as a bad thing but if a woman gave it me on the first date told me she was decisive, knew what she wanted and went after. Plus once again lets not waste our time hear if he sucks in bed are you really going to be satisfied and happy. There are to many options there to be wasting your time on Mr. Wrong. Also I feel like a man should always pay on a date, even if before we went out I knew we were just going to be friends and nothing more I paid. You want a gentleman right!!!!!!

5)After 1st Date etiquette.

Once again I've heard all these rules about how soon you should call. I think you should call when you want to. If your truly interested call that night or the next day. Once again why waste your time.

My rules for dating:
You should never have to settle.
You should never have to change who you are for a man or a woman hell If you kissed a girl once, liked it and he can't deal with that then he's probably to uptight for you.
People don't change.
Good sex is important.
Intelligence is beautiful.
Attitudes from past experiences should be left at home.
No rules have fun.
If your dating, you can date more than one person as long as your clear about it up front.
If the first date sucks why should you have to wait another two or three weeks to find a new
potential King. Online you can easily meet and get to know 2 or 3 guys at a time.
Last but not least your never going to find Mr. perfect but you can find Mr. Perfect for you!

Now I'm sure there are going to be some out there who disagree with me but opinions are opinions this is what worked for me when I was looking for my Queen.


poitree said...


You are off the *side eye* list for this one. Things I already knew, but glad a man confirmed it.

Au Naturale said...

jsad, I wan't sure if you were going to bring up the internet, but I'm glad u did. I met my king online...he saw my pic and I had never viewed his. We started as friends-conversing and arranging to meet- as friends-at the African American Museum in Detroit. On a fluke we spoke the day b4 our meeting and agreed to go to the movies that night (i had never viewed his pic,remmy?) It didn't matter as we were friends. That night-not only was he pleasing to the eye but also such a gentleman, that I knew I cudn't go without him being in my life. We had a fab time at the museum the next day and have been together ever since. He's my 'sweet thug': kind, attentive, teachable, protective, family oriented and a hard ass working man. I feel you...we must know our worth...I remained single for years bcuz I refused to settle. He's nothing that I wanted but he's EVERYTHING I NEED. Thanks for this post :)