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Monday, April 20, 2009

Sex Games

Now I started this initially as a site to post some poetry I wrote and some of my thoughts on certain subjects and it will probably remain that way the difference will be the topic choice.

First Topic: Online Sex Games for Couples.

Any couple with a healthy relationship will tell you that SEX is important and GOOD SEX is better. Now my personal opinion is that GOOD Sex includes fore play and keeping it fresh.
So in my search to find new ways to keep sex fresh I've come across a few online games for couples. My two favorites so far are Bliss and Secret Desires, now Bliss is a monopoly style game the free version allows you a hour of play with little customization and your stuck in the romance mood, but you still are allowed to select the toys you have available, the clothes that each of you have on and even if you have a camera available. Bliss also has some music built in that plays and changes while you play, the full version allows you to add your own music. The graphics are set up in a monopoly style pink board. Bliss is by far the most popular of its type available but that is probably because of marketing.

Now on to my favorite so far Secret Desires the free version allows you full customisation of the players, what you have on, what you like to do sexually, what you like done to you sexually, what think you would like to try but are to shy to ask, you can select on a scale for min to max what body parts you enjoy sexually being stimulated, even whether you like anal or oral. If you don't find what your into you can even add it to the list of selected desires with full descriptions provided by you. But unless your into some off the wall stuff most fetishes and likes are already there for selection. You are allowed to also select what level your at when you start ie. cool(chillen all lovey dovey) to Hot(wet and hard lol), and where you would like to be when you finish. WARNING: If you start in hot I can't guarantee you'll be able to finish the game, lol. There are even options to incorporate food and vodka or your drink of choise ie. this game will get you drunk and loose. So how far you want to take it is up to you with this one. Now the free version only allows you 15 min. games but you can play them back to back as many times as you want and it keeps the options and setting you've already selected so there is no down time.

So for new and old couples who want to keep it fresh I suggest you give these a try as well as leave me a comment about any games you know off or enjoyed. Hey even leave me a comment if you play one of these and enjoy the experience. Now if your single check out and find you someone to play with today lol.

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C. Alexis said...

lol damn Jsad u and the missuz gets down! well idk if this is appropriate for newbie and i but im willing to give it a shot!!