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Monday, April 27, 2009


Quick post this morning, lol. Fact you are what you eat! Fact your taste and smell are directly related to your dietary habits. Point is if your man or girl, lol, has a problem tasting you try adjusting your diet, drinking some water, and stop smoking. Eating fruit and drinking water will have you tasting sweeter and fresher. I don't know about the green but smoking cigarettes negatively affects you taste not to mention dehydrates you. lol. The one statement Pliers ever made I agree with is Taste like water with no smell, lol. So in closing in this short PSA increase the fruit in your diet, drink more water, and if you needed another reason to stop smoking other than death chances of more head. lol. Now If you agree or disagree let me KNOW!


poitree said...

you stoopid and I can't stand you LMAO

fruit and yogurt are daily parts of my diet...thats all i'm sayin...

C. Alexis said...

lmao @ this

a balanced diet will get u head more often.
stay way from that poak!

JSADTheKing said...

@CA plus you'll get swine FLU lol Nation of Islam Represent lol,

Laur said...


oh lawd.

true this.

Acolyte said...

This is the truth. There was this gal I used to go with, had good diet and all; so her cooch was all good.
How's about I catch up with her almost a year later, she's put on weight (admitted she'd been eating bad) and when I hit it; that cooch was stank!
U are what you eat!

Au Naturale said...

It definitely infiltrates the seminal fluids as gawd! men no pungent foods/spicy foods if YOU KNOW you're going to be intimate!!