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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sweet Seduction

Now here is a new one for you. If you have some experience you have probably used some part or form of this already if not step your game up and get like me, LOL. Now I didn't perform this particular one, I was lucky enough to be the receiver of this erotic seduction but as usual I will be telling it from my point of view. Now this one takes a little preparation and planning. First this is all about mood, relaxation, and seduction. First off as usual let the intended victim no a day or to in advance that something is about to go down. Why? Its called foreplay, its an incredible little thing that can turn and encounter from just sex into WOW! Its all about anticipation. Ok back to the topic . Get some supplies unless your like me and mine you keep this stuff in stock lol. Some kind of herbal tea ( you can use water but I prefer tea), a towel, massage oil (baby oil will work as well), tea candles, and some soft music. 1) Changes the sheets and clean the bedroom, its easier to relax in a clean room and nothing is more relaxing than clean soft sheets. 2) Have all your supplies stashed some where near the bed. 3) Then after that wash up your self and for the ladies put on something whorish and sexy (remember this is all about seduction), me I hit the gym hard so the muscles would be a pumped up lol, hopped in the shower, lotioned up (you can't be seducing a woman all ashy), shaved, through on a pair of shorts and a tank top. Basically got ready for the club minus the clothes. My girl did her hair, make up, short short short did i say short skirt, Gstring, tank top, and high heels. <-------- I like!!!!!!!!!!

Now go ahead and strut, lol, tell the victim to hop in the shower and take there time. Now while they are in the shower, put out and light the candles, put on some music, turn off the lights and check your supplies. Heat the massage oil, make the tea, set the temp in the room to cool not warm but not cold lol. Now once their shower is done have them lay face down in the middle of the bed naked. Now the rules are simple they can't touch and any time you place your tongue or mouth on the seductee you must have just taken a drink of tea or have warm tea in your mouth. No slowly massage, kiss, lick, and enjoy your self. SLOWLY this is seduction not a quickie. Then Flip and repeat. Now this whole time you stay completely clothed. Your final destination should be mmmmmmm down town lol. Once again take your time and don't forget the tea.

Now where you go from here is up to you I like to leave them wanting for two reasons. 1) Our old friend foreplay, 2) I feel its important to let my girl know that its not always about me getting off or getting mine. So buy relaxing her, helping her get hers a couple of times, then not worrying about the hardness between my legs, and just holding her, I feel I'm letting her know that.

Now If she chooses to show me some appreciation later on hey who am I to say no, lol.

So as usual tell me what you think, variations, Ideas, or what ever. I can always learn something new!


Sadiqua P said...

u know what...i drifted off for a second reading that. kinda floated off and fantasized for a moment lol! i like this a lot...u really show how to put the LOVE back into sex!

C. Alexis said...

well go head Jsad this is good!
giving me ideas to add a little more zest to the night. all tho i tried that "u cant touch" game once but umm yea that didnt work out lololl

JSADTheKing said...

@CA and @Sadiqua P LOL Yeah I had to fight my self on the don't touch part lol. Thank you both for commenting.

poitree said...

lol. right diqua...i drifted...oh yes i did.

i've done a variation of this with ice. the combination of the chill ice and the heat of the mouth and then feeling the water roll as the ice melts and catching the drops before they roll off the body onto the sheets...ah well. lets just say things ended on a high note *says the singer*. and the dont touch didn't work at all. ah...*memories*

shorty said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It's nice to see a new face.

I even picked up a few pointers. What a post to get to meet someone for the first time. : )

I'll be back!